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25 Registered Nurses required for Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center



We are pleased to announce that we are now recruiting up to 25 RNs for the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center (WFUBMC).


WFUBMC is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina which is located about two hours from Charlotte (See below for more information on the area and location).


London interview dates will be February 2-6, 2009 at Bison UK offices, Borehamwood.


RN’s include:


    - general med/surg

    - hemodialysis

    - neurology

    - urology

    - orthopedics

    - gyne/oncolgy

    - trauma / general surgery

    - burn / plastic surgery unit

    - operating theatre

    - emergency department

    - burns


This is a very attractive opportunity at a university hospital that has recently received several national recognitions for outstanding medical care.


This opportunity is open to all applicants with at least 2 years of relevant and current/recent experience (in a hospital setting) regardless of whether or not you have passed the NCLEX exam.


Benefits include: competitive salary package and an $8,000 financial assistance package, which will also be provided to each successful applicant.

Please see FURTHER INFORMATION and Job DESCRIPTION below.  If you think you have the right experience and qualify for this position, please email your full CV (in Word format as an attachment), together with a covering letter (stating which job you are applying for) to Charles

Bison Management
3 Penta Court, Station Road
el:    0044 (0) 208 905 1822
Fax:   0044 (0) 870 429 2701 - 24 hour service

Further Information

About North Carolina Baptist Hospital


The North Carolina Baptist Hospital is an 830 bed teaching hospital that is the region’s main tertiary referral center. NCBH is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina USA. The NCBH website is  


North Carolina Baptist Hospital is part of a three-pronged partnership that includes Wake Forest University Health Sciences and Wake Forest University Physicians. Together they make up Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, one of the nation's preeminent academic medical centers, with an integrated health care system that operates 1,282 acute care, rehabilitation and long-term care beds, outpatient services, and community health and information centers.


North Carolina Baptist Hospital is the Medical Center's primary clinical arm that includes inpatient hospitals, a community health center, a health maintenance organization and primary care centers.


Hospital Attributes


- North Carolina Baptist Hospital is the teaching hospital of the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

- North Carolina Baptist Hospital is a Magnet Status facility.

- The hospital is the only Level 1 Trauma Center in the state and it is also a tertiary referral center as well as a designated transplant center.

- One of the top hospitals in the United States. U.S. News & World Report lists North Carolina Baptist Hospital as one of “America’s Best Hospitals” in six categories: 21st nationally in cancer on the latest list, 24th in geriatrics, 26th in urology, 33rd in ear, nose, and throat, 37th in heart and heart surgery, and 50th in orthopedics.

- NCBH has 181 doctors from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center listed as the “Best Doctors in America”.

- Wake Forest Baptist Heart Center has been named one of the “44 Top Cardiac Centers for

Women” in America by Good Housekeeping magazine.

- Winner of the 2006-07 Consumer Choice Award for the Winston-Salem metropolitan area.

The award, by National Research (NRC), honors hospitals that consumers rate as having

the highest quality and image. This is the eighth straight year that the Medical Centers has

received a Consumer Choice Award.

- Two research projects at Wake Forest University School of Medicine have been named top

breakthroughs of the year by national science magazines for research into the danger of

trans-fatty acids in foods.

- There are many professional growth and career advancement opportunities with the

hospital and system.

- Many of the clinical directors have been with the organization for over 20 years.

- The organization offers a comprehensive employee benefit package and competitive wages.

- NCBH utilizes the latest equipment and technology.

- The hospital employs over 2200 nurses and boasts an internationally diverse staff and

employee base.

- The hospital is a tobacco-free campus.

- Hospital provides a warm, caring, social environment that is focused on retaining its nurses


Location Attributes


.. Winston-Salem is located in central North Carolina on the east coast of the United States and has a population of approximately 300,000.



.. The area has a mild climate with four seasons. Warm summers with average maximum

temperature of 87 degrees Fahrenheit and cool winters with average minimum temperature

of 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

.. The area has a relatively low cost of living and many affordable housing options.

.. Beautiful lakes with great boating and fishing within 30 minutes from Winston-Salem.

.. Great public school system and many private schools to choose from as well.

.. Many restaurants, shops, museums, and year round outdoor activities.

.. Six hours from Washington D.C and Atlanta, GA.

.. Hospital is in a very safe residential area, many employees walk to work.

.. Free parking at the hospital.

.. Many recreational opportunities surround the area and provide activities for people of all

ages. These amenities include recreation centers, parks, pools, golf courses, lakes, hiking,

and biking trails, and camping. Summer camp programs are available for the children

.. Winston-Salem area hosts popular Fall Festivals.

.. The Winston-Salem Entertainment-Sports Complex hosts many professional and amateur

sporting events.

.. The area offers comprehensive public transportation. The Winston-Salem Transit

Authority or WSTA provides a fleet of bus routes throughout the area.

.. The economy and employment base of the area includes businesses focused in biomedical

research, design, high- performance computing, advanced software development and

technology-based commerce.

.. Community related website links:




o About North Carolina Baptist Hospital



NCBH Job Description – MedSurg Staff Nurse


Unit: Medical Surgical Units – variety of MS units

available – see below


Education: BSN or equivalent


Position/Title: Med Surg Staff RN


Minimum Requirements: 2 years current experience working in a

Medical Surgical Unit


Shift:  All positions are night shift. There may be an opportunity for to secure a day shift at start date, but it is not guaranteed.


Current Hourly Pay Rate:


2 yrs experience - $22.52/hr + dif, up to

12 yrs experience - $30.26/hr + dif




$4.00 after 3PM, $1.25 weekends


Types of Med Surg Units and Patients:


.. Hemodialysis Unit - 13 beds, NPR is 1:4/5; 1:1 in Critical Care

.. Neurology/Epilepsy/Monitoring Unit; 17 beds plus 6 EMU beds; NPR is 1:5/6 - CVAs, MS & Seizures

.. Neurosurgery/Urology Unit - 25 beds, NPR is 1:4/5; Craniotomy, DBS, spine surgery, shunts, CHI, Urological procedures

.. Orthopedic Unit - 19 beds, NPR is 1:5/6; Hip, Knee and shoulder replacements


.. GYN/Onc, General Medical Unit - 24 beds, NPR is 1:5/6, New unit focused on women

.. Trauma/General Surgery Unit - 38 beds, NPR is 1:5/6; post surgical trauma patients

include wound management & ostomy management

.. Burn/Plastic Surgery Unit - 16 beds, NPR is 1:5/6; plastic & burn surgery, wound

management, medical and surgical patients

.. Med/Surg, General Medicine Unit - 26 beds, NPR is 1:5/6; general medical patients, 4

acute care beds, 22 regular beds with capacity of 22 telemetry monitors

.. General Medical Unit - 28 beds, NPR is 1:4/5; general medicine hospitalized unit, 18

beds on unit are monitored

.. Telemetry Step-down Unit - available


Telemetry experience is a plus for the majority of the medsurg positions. NCBH offers a

telemetry class and will train nurses on telemetry skills.


Breakdown of day-to-day responsibilities:


.. Adheres to the general hospital standards to promote a cooperative work environment by utilizing communication skills, interpersonal relationships and team building.

.. Coordinates the delivery of patient care.

.. Implements actions and making nursing decisions to provide a smooth continuum of care.

.. Serves as the contact person through out the patient's length of stay.

.. Advocates for patient rights.

.. Collaborates with colleagues to ensure the delivery of quality, patient-centered care.

.. Communicates with patients and families to identify needs and priorities while utilizing the components of the nursing process to meet these needs by developing and revising an individualized plan of care.

.. Creates a nurturing environment for patients, families, and employees.

.. Demonstrates responsibility for assessing, implementing, developing, communicating, evaluating, and revising the plan of care based upon patient needs.

.. Recognizes and interprets objective signs and symptoms of immediate distress,

identifies need for appropriate intervention, and responds appropriately. Establishes a plan of care based on nursing assessment after correlating and integrating obtained data.

.. Evaluates effectiveness of nursing interventions based on expected patient outcomes and/or changes in patient’s condition.

.. Carries out physicians’ orders, clinical and technical aspects of care in compliance with standards of practice and standards of care.

.. Creates and maintains a safe and therapeutic environment for patients, self, co-workers, and facility.

.. Consistently maintains privacy and confidentiality.

.. Promotes customer satisfaction through responsive, non-judgmental, respectful, and professional behavior.

.. Adheres to policies and procedures related to equipment usage.

.. Ensures complete, accurate, and timely written communication of patient information.

.. Provides a therapeutic environment for through safe, accurate, and timely medication and IV administration.


Nursing profile:


.. Requires an individual who can successfully work within a stressful and continually

changing environment.

.. Requires a confident, team player who can effectively communicate and collaborate with physicians, staff colleagues, patients and families.


.. Requires an individual who continuously seeks career development and opportunities

for professional growth.


NCBH Job Description – Operating Room Staff Nurse


Unit: Operating Room


Education: BSN or equivalent


Position/Title: OR Staff RN


Minimum Requirements:  2 years current experience working in a

Operating Room


Shift:  Flexible work hours - 10 & 12 hour shifts. No

weekend, night or holiday.


No call except for Open Heart Call.


Current Hourly Pay Rate:


2 yrs experience - $22.52/hr + dif

12 yrs experience - $30.26/hr + dif




$4.00 after 3PM, $1.25 weekends


# of Beds:  41 Operating Rooms


.. 8 Outpatient

.. 7 Pediatric

.. 25 Inpatient



Nurse to Patient Ratio: 1:1 or 1:2 dependent upon acuity level of



Types of Patients and Procedures


The OR performs the following procedures:

Transplant – kidney, pancreas, and heart

Minimally invasive procedures


NCBH offers/provides:

.. Endovascular Room

.. Digital OR

.. Total Joints

.. Robotics in urology, GYN and cardiovascular

.. Artificial Disc

.. Open hearts


Breakdown of day-to-day responsibilities:


.. Responsible for scrubbing and circulating.

.. Adheres to the general hospital standards to promote a cooperative work environment by utilizing communication skills, interpersonal relationships and team building.

.. Utilizes the nursing process to ensure quality patient care is provided throughout the episode of care.

.. Recognizes abnormal signs and symptoms, as well as abnormal lab values and initiates appropriate responses.

.. Controls the environment to maintain privacy, body temperature and to manage

potential for postoperative discomfort or injury.

.. Updates plan of care as necessary and pick lists when assigned.


.. Organizes nursing activities in a logical sequence and coordinates the use of supplies and equipment for use by the operative team; maintains room cleanliness.

.. Creates and maintains a sterile field; initiates corrective action when breaks in technique


.. Performs procedures common to the unit, consistently completing all assigned tasks and maintaining organization and priority skills.

.. Administers medications safely and accurately to meet unit standards. Consistently

labels all medications and solutions on the back table.

.. Follows established policies and procedures for all counts, and initiates corrective

actions when counts are incorrect.

.. Recognizes acute changes in patient’s condition; prioritizes care and intervenes

appropriately and in accordance with departmental standards. Prioritizes and responds appropriately to emergency situations.

.. Prepares instruments, equipment, and supplies in an organized and timely manner.



.. Consistently follows Standard Precautions in the operating room.


.. Consistently anticipates the need for instruments, equipment and supplies; uses surgeon

pick lists that are appropriate for the procedure.

.. Checks equipment for routine maintenance and testing compliance prior to use and

reports problems to appropriate person.



.. Maintains room in orderly manner. Restocks room supplies as needed.


.. Keeps environment clean and safe. Responsible for terminal cleaning.

.. Demonstrates safe use and care of instruments and equipment. Demonstrates familiarity with location, operation, and maintenance of commonly used instruments and equipment. Consistently returns instruments, equipment, and supplies to appropriate storage areas.

.. When scrubbed, verifies all instruments tray counts pre and post op; returns instruments to correct tray; follows departmental instrument decontamination policy and procedure. Ensures all counts are correct and follows policy when counts are incorrect.

.. Ensures complete, accurate and timely computerized communication of patient

information. Evaluates and documents patient’s response to care provided.



.. Consistently evaluates and documents the patient’s response to treatment modalities.


.. Demonstrates cost containment activities. Uses supplies judiciously and in a cost

effective manner.



Nursing profile:


.. Requires an individual who is assertive but not aggressive and one who can successfully work within a stressful and continually changing environment.

.. Requires a confident, team player who can effectively communicate and collaborate with physicians, staff colleagues, patients and families.



.. Someone who can take personal responsibility and initiative for performance and for professional growth and development.


.. Requires an individual who can effectively communicate with the team, co-workers, patients, and family members in an effective, positive and professional manner.


.. Builds relationships across work groups, maintains cooperative relationships with colleagues, communicates directly with affected individuals rather than through others, listens and seeks to understand other points of view.



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